29 Signs You Just Returned Home From Studying Abroad

Returning home from the semester of a lifetime can often be an even bigger adjustment than when you first set out on you adventure. Between unpacking, dealing with time differences, and sharing all your stories with friends and family, there are some thing all study abroad alumi can relate to. Here are the top 29 Signs You Just Returned Home From Studying Abroad:

1. You almost squeeze your (dog, cat, best friend, family) to death when you see them for the first time in months.

2. Jet lag becomes very real…you are sleeping at all the wrong times and crave food at 3 am.

Airplane, Chicago IL

3. The first trip you make to the grocery store is overwhelming. Peanut butter? Oreos? Cheetos? Oh, how you’ve missed your favorite brands.

4. You make a ton of plans with all of your friends, because lets be real it has been way too long.

5. You plugged your phone or computer into the wall without an adapter for the first time in months, and it felt so good.


What a beautiful sight.

6. Driving again was equally as exciting as it was terrifying…but then it all came back and you were immediately relieved.

7. Phone service? Wi-Fi? Internet that ALWAYS works. Honestly, you are just happy you can finally post Snapschats when you take them like a normal human.

8.You find yourself craving food from your home country…#takemeback

Pizza. Florence, Italy

Be right back, just wishing I had Pizza.

9. But eating the meal you have been missing/ fantasizing about for months was somehow even better than you imagined.

10. English…English is everywhere. It’s actually a little overwhelming being able to understand everyone around you.

11. Your Instagrams suddenly don’t get any likes. Apparently your Starbucks coffee is somehow less exciting than, you know, the Eiffel tower? Who would have thought.

Can every day be Throwback Thursday?

12. You’ve also lost popularity on Snapchat. SOMEONE just watch my story!

13. Reminding yourself not to start every sentence with “back when I studied abroad” is a constant struggle. Your friends are already annoyed.

14. You get entirely too excited when you realize you no longer have to convert American dollars…everything is ACTUALLY the price listed not “basically” a dollar.

Money. Euro.

Goodbye Euros, hello Dollars!

15. You realize that after months of traveling (navigating public transportation in a foreign country, trying to speak a different language, and designing your own itineraries) you can pretty much handle anything.

16. You wonder why there are a ton of new songs on the radio, and how everyone around you magically seems to know them.

17. You are so excited to hang out with all your friends, but miss everyone you studied abroad with a ton. Who else can relate to that time you missed your train in London or got locked out of your apartment?

18. Your family was super excited to hear all your stories and see all your photos, but realistically could only sit through an hour or so before they needed a break.


“But wait until you see the pics from Prague!”

19. You realize that America really is the “land of the free”…at least when it comes to things like table water at restaurants, public restrooms, and ketchup.

20. Speaking of public restrooms…every. single. one. has a toilet seat and toilet paper. Its so exciting you could cry.

21. Whenever someone compliments something you purchased abroad, you feel really sophisticated…. “Thanks, I got it in London!”


Oh, this old thing? Just my favorite leather jacket. I bought it in Italy, you know.

22. Everything around you seems huge…the stores, the roads, the cars.

23. You accidentally responded to someone in your home country’s language, only to get a confused look in return.

24. You find yourself speaking said foreign language whenever you can “Buon Giorno!”

25. Watching television is like a new adventure. There are no subtitles, you can catch up on your favorite shows, and you don’t even mind the commercials because they are all in English AND you’ve never seen them before.

Oh Netflix, I've missed you.

Oh Netflix, I’ve missed you.

26. A trip to your favorite salon/eyebrow place/gym had you feeling like a new woman (or man).

27. You try to cook an authentic meal for your friends and family, yet somehow it isn’t quite like you remember.

28. You realize that no matter how much fun you had abroad, there is no place like home.

29. But that doesn’t mean you can help yourself from planning your next adventure.

What were some of the things you missed most about home while you were studying abroad?

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  1. Anna-Leena on December 19, 2015 at 7:16 am

    I wish I could move somewhere where French is spoken. Any clues?

    Thank you for connecting with allerouretour.com #travelblog on Twitter!

    • Catalina on January 5, 2016 at 8:09 am

      Hello Annna-Leena! I would recommend looking in France! I have several friends who studied in Paris and loved it, but I’ve also heard the south of France if lovely as well!

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