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In just 1 year I visited 15 countries, stepped foot on 3 continents, and lived in Florence, Italy.
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Summer, Florence, Ponte Vecchio

Beat the Heat: Florence in August

By Catalina | August 13, 2015

Florence is many things. Beautiful, charming, historic. However, in August, Firenze most definitely is hot and humid. For this reason, many Italians close up shop and vacate the city during this month. However, if, like me, you find yourself in Firenze during August, you will have one priority, staying cool. Here are my best tips…

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Airplane, Chicago IL

How to Survive an International Flight

By Catalina | August 11, 2015

Long international flights can often drain your energy before your trip has even started. Since I just flew from Chicago to Florence, here are a few of the ways I stay refreshed and arrive ready to go after a long international flight. Comfort is Key For some people comfort means a tee shirt and sweats.…

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8 Simple Steps to Pack Like a Pro

By Catalina | August 6, 2015

Today is the day! I’m heading out to Florence in just a few hours, and have packing on the brain. Though packing may seem life the most stressful part of a trip , here are some of my best tips to get your trip off to a good start before you have even reached your…

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