Florence Foodie: La Ménagère

Nestled in the center of historic Florence lies La Ménagère, a modern concept restaurant that feels like it was transported from a trendy urban neighborhood in London or San Francisco.

Cafe. Florence, Italy.

Originally opened in 1896 as an iconic Florentine shop, La Ménagère was recently renovated into the unique space it is now. The industrial decor is created with a mix of recycled and reused materials, as well as exposed concrete, with details such as mason jars and flowers creating a home-like space in which to grab a coffee, do some work, or chat with a friend.

Cafe. Florence, Italy.

Not only is La Ménagère a feast for the eye, but its gourmet cuisine (for a reasonable price) is fantastic. Additionally, the coffee here tops my list of cafes in Florence that will satisfy your addiction to coffee. The restaurant specializes in creating traditional dishes with contemporary elements, echoing La Ménagère’s design concept. Each menu item is created with fresh ingredients, and the seasonally updated menu ensures that there is always something new to enjoy.

Salad. Florence, Italy

In addition to delicious food, tasty coffee, and fabulous decor, La Ménagère has a shop where it sells designer goods, reflecting its original purpose as a store. There is also a flower shop inside the space, bringing a touch of nature and color to the shabby-chic interior.

Flowers. Florence. Italy.

With a restaurant, bistrot, store, and flower shop all on site, La Ménagère brings together a variety of elements to create a one-of a kind dining experience and an environment that will keep you coming back for more.


If you are looking to escape the Renaissance and enjoy a taste of modernity, La Ménagère is sure to become your new favorite Florence hangout.

Where are some of your favorite trendy spots in Firenze?


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