10 Times Florence Got You A Little Too Excited For Christmas

Just in case you were thinking Florence couldn’t get any more beautiful, over the past few weeks a transformation has been taking place. A little Christmas tree popping up here, the stringing of twinkling lights there, and voilà the city I know and love has suddenly transformed into an enchanting world of Christmas cheer.

I spent the weekend wandering through the influx of holiday sightseers and shoppers, attempting to record the magic that has recently taken over the city, and caused me to fall in love with Florence even more. Here are the 10 times that Florence got you excited for Christmas!

  1. When you saw the first Christmas lights appearing on the street you live on.

Street. Christmas. Florence, Italy.

2. You did a little Christmas shopping across the river only to discover that the Ponte Vecchio had gotten in on the holiday action.

Ponte Vecchio. Florence, Italy.

3. When the carousel in the Piazza Repubblica became even more whimsical.

Christmas. Piazza Repubblica. Florence, Italy.

4. And a gigantic Christmas tree covered in red Florentine giglio majestically popped up in front of the Duomo.

Duomo. Christmas Tree. Florence, Italy.

5. Only to be complemented by the Christmas lights nearby.

Giglio. Florence, Italy. Christmas.

6. When all it took was one look for this street became your favorite in Florence.

Christmas lights. Florence, Italy.

7. And you found yourself looking at even the most familiar streets with fresh eyes.

Duomo. Christmas lights. Florence, Italy.

8. That time you went to the Piazza Repubblica to find this building completely covered in lights and couldn’t tear your eyes away.

Christmas lights. Piazza Repubblica. Florence, Italy.

9. When your favorite local business decorated their shop and it somehow became even more dear.

Christmas. Florence, Italy.

10. And of course, the time the long anticipated Christmas Markets finally opened up in front of Santa Croce and you spent way to much money on hot wine, snacks, and gifts for your family.

Christmas Markets. Florence, Italy.

There may not be any snow, doesn’t mean that Florence isn’t a winter wonderland! What are some of your favorite holiday decorations in Firenze?

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  1. Alexandra Brosens-Doy on December 6, 2016 at 8:57 am

    Oh my gosh this is so true! Walking around Florence right now is oh so dreamy!


    • Catalina on December 9, 2016 at 8:25 pm

      It really is! There is nothing light Florence at Christmas!

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